Enoctus:大幅涨价 / 劝你谨言慎行早日直连



今早 Enoctus 发来的邮件相信大家都看到了,大幅度涨价,香港的方案每个月涨 10 美刀。我不知道英国佬的脑子都是怎么想的,要么价格低的吓人,要么高的吓人。低的吓人,谁敢买?高的吓人,谁会买?一个月 15 美刀,有更多种选择,根本不会有人来买你的 23 小时非直连 + 1 小时直连的垃圾香港。

我还是劝 Enoctus 谨言慎行,先把直连的问题给解决了。不是说报警了吗?结果呢,是不是公布一下?被打了这么多天,抗 D 技术没有一点长进?

对于一直打 Enoctus 的友商,我也劝你做点正事吧,其实大家都清楚是谁在打,利益关系一想就明白。




Hong Kong Price Increase & Updates

Dear PianyiVPS.com,

As you might be aware, we have recently increased our Hong Hong region price to an additional $10 USD p/m on top of the products price. Therefore our cheapest server in Hong Kong will start from $15 USD per month. This price change will allow us to invest in better performing equipment contributing to more consistent uptime and fewer abuse. This change only applies to future orders and anyone with existing products will not be asked to pay more. Anyone who had previously ordered a service in Hong Kong will not only keep their original price but they’ll also receive all the new infrastructure upgrades for free.

Delayed orders in Hong Kong.
Due to extreme demand we’ve been facing recently, we still have a large number of orders being processed. We’re expecting to deliver the majority of our pending orders within 24-48 hours. This only affects our Hong Kong region.

Temporal traffic re-routing for DDoS mitigation.
A lot of our customers have recently noticed traffic re-routing in our Hong Kong region. This can occur when a certain range of our IP addresses are attacked and our systems are forwarding traffic through a DDoS protected upstream. During the “Under attack” mode, actions such as server reinstalls might be unavailable. This is not a service failure or permanent change, it’s one of the unique to Enoctus features which allow the network to remain up and running even during intense attack activity.
We do not advise submitting support tickets regarding the points listed above as that would delay our operations. Our customer service team is currently going through a large queue of tickets. If you believe your matter was answered by this email, we would greatly appreciate if you close your support case.

As usual, thank you for your business with us.

Kind regards,
Erik S.


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